Jagged Alliance 2 Cheats and Secrets on the PC

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:

On Tacticscreen press CTRL + IGUANA
(write the word IGUANA while pressing CTRL).
Cheatmode is now activated (combinations with digits
means numpad-keys!):

ALT+E - all units and items are shown
ALT+T - teleports currently selected mercenary to the
cursor position
ALT+O - eliminates all enemies in the current sector
ALT+D - refreshes action points of the current selected
ALT+R - full ammo (reload weapon)
ALT+W - item scrolling, at first select an item in detail
ALT+A - Cheat Level Two Reached
ALT+T - Your'e Teleporting a merc
ALT+B - enemy appears at the cursor position
ALT+C - civilist appears at the cursor position
ALT+G - new mercenary appears at the cursor position
ALT+Y - roboter appears at the cursor position
ALT+2 - mercenary becomes bug
ALT+4 - mercenary sits in an wheel-chair
ALT+5 - mercenary becomes big bug
ALT+I - a randomly generated weapon appears at the cursor position
ALT+K - gas grenade explodes at the cursor position
ALT+Q - show the inside of all buildings (the roofs disappears)
ALT+1 - mercenary becomes a tank (not useable)
CTRL+T - all mercenaries in the current sector becomes
arrested by bad queen
CTRL+H - the mercenary loses health points (cursor must be just
at mercenary's position)
CTRL+U - heals the mercenary (cursor must be just at mercenary's
CTRL+O - an enemy bug appears
CTRL+K - an hand grenade explodes at the cursor position

Cheats in Laptop view:

+ - +100.000 $ (not Numpad-Plus!)
- - -10.000 $ (not Numpad-Minus!)

Map screen-Cheats CTRL+T teleports troop to any selected sector.
You have to be in route planning mode, so you can see the route.
In the moment you activate the cheat the troop has arrived the sector.

ALT+left Mouse click on the GO TO SECTOR-Icon: all enemies b
ecomes eliminated.

You start in an already cleaned sector.

Free Car:
When you meet a man called Dave in a sector near Balime (I don't
remember exactly the number of that sector), he will offer you a
car (Hummer) for 10,000$. If you don't want to buy it, just refuse
his offer and lead one of your mercs go behind his house, then you
will see a car (Hummer). Press Ctrl and click on that car and its
yours without any cash. Follow that way you will have 2 car at the
same time if you want.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Jagged Alliance 2 free online.

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