Johnny Bazookatone Cheats on PC

Johnny Bazookatone is a platforming video game developed by Arc Developments and published by U.S. Gold Ltd. for the 3DO, PlayStation, Sega Saturn and DOS computers in 1996. Some releases also came equipped with a music CD based on the game's musical score. The game follows the protagonist, Johnny Bazookatone, trapped in the year 2050 in Sin Sin Prison by El Diablo, lord of the underworld. His guitar, known as "Anita" is taken from him, and so Johnny must travel to reclaim it.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Level 1 (Prison): ZARTACLA
Level 2 (Hotel): RINGMYBEL
Level 3 (Kitchen): SCRAMBLED
Level 4 (Hospital): ANASTHETIC
Level 5 (Penthouse): ETAGSLLEH
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Game description

3DO, DOS, PlayStation, Sega Saturn
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U.S. Gold Ltd.
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