Keepsake is a third person point-and-click adventure game developed by Canadian company Wicked Studios for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platforms. The player plays as the main character Lydia. The quest starts that Lydia investigates what happened to Dragonvale Academy as she was on her way to meet a friend there, as she arrived she noticed that the academy was deserted. Although the game was met with mixed reviews, the developers endeavour to improve the game by releasing patches.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Debug commands:
Push those buttons on the keyboard while playing to get the desired effects.
Some work only when actually walking around Dragonvale, some even in the
title screen.

[Q] - Instantly quits the game.
[L] - Loads the most recent saved game.
[M] - Press to stop Lydia from moving. Zak will still try to move where you
click, but will usually return to Lydia. Press again to regain movement.
[S] - Saves the game.
[T] - Some debug informations will appear on the screen. Press again to make
them disappear.
[/] - Warps to a debug room with warps to all rooms in the game (works even
in the title screen). Entering some warps might crash the game.
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Game description

Game Developer:
Wicked Studios
Game Genre:
Game Mode:
Single Player
Game Publisher:
The Adventure Company,