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Machines (also known as Machines: Wired for War) is a 3D real-time strategy game released for Microsoft Windows. Published by Acclaim and developed by Charybdis, Machines was one of the first 3D games of this genre. It also allowed players to directly control units with both a first and third-person view.
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When you build a shelter send a few damaged enforcers
Inside the,while they are healing ,just
Before they get fully healed click on the unit ,select
First person view and get out of the shelter before you
Are fully healed.a kind of a medical guard will appear
Around the unit.repeat this on different units and you
Will have a special squad that can heal itself without
Going inside the shelter and wasting do not
Have to tell it to repair will repair itself
On it's own but you should give them a little rest so
That they can regenerate their shield and armor.

In the early game, the basic defensive turrets can stop the
computer-controlled AI dead in its tracks. Make the entry to
your base area a field of turrets, and you can leave it on
autopilot for quite a while.

Of course, you'll also run into the turrets set up by the
computer-controlled player. To take these out, bring on a
strike force of units equipped with plasma rifles and set
their initiative to low. With a low initiative, your forces
(when given the order) will attack in place rather than advance.
Then move within range of your rifles, but beyond the range of
the turrets and simply pummel your enemies into submission.

If you can spot an attack force early on, send out a squad or
two to meet it. Then backpedal toward your base. More often
than not, one of the opposing units will advance ahead of its
comrades. Concentrate all of your fire on it, and it will
either retreat or get destroyed. Keep up this tactic, and you
can decimate a large attack force with only a few units.

Keep your eyes on your mines! If a mine gets destroyed, it
will take forever to build another one. Also, make sure that
you keep track of how many BTUs your mine has left, and locate
another site for a new mine before you run dry.

When you locate an enemy base, first take out the military
factories and then the constructors. Finally, escort in your
own constructors to capture the remaining structures to give
you a new "home away from home."
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Game description

Microsoft Windows
Game Developer:
Game Genre:
Real-time strategy
Game Mode:
Single-player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
Acclaim Entertainment