Marapets Cheats Guide

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Limited edition pet:
First, got to the create a pet, then point ur mouse in any limited
edition pet,(just point, dont click)and when you done it, press
ctr+n at the same time or if doesnt work, click f5, and the page
must refresh and when you did that, click the limited edition pet
that you point, and ta daa, you can create it,(must do the ctr+n or
f5 thing 3 times to work, but i did it 1time at it works,) just
comment if it doesnt work, but it works for me, thats why i now have
3 chibs, 2rofling, and 5 rusty!

Go to the charity shop bye stuff really cheap and sell it for double.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Marapets free online.