Master of Orion (2016) Cheat Codes

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Secret ALT Codes:
When you are on the Planet screen, hold the ALT key and type in
moola to receive a bunch of currency. During gameplay, you can hold [Alt]
and type in galaxy to reveal the local galaxy.

Killer Exploit:
With some careful preparation, you can produce a situation where your
enemy is helpless against your attacks. First, build a ship that has a
single missile equipped (make sure that you're not equipping torpedoes
or scatter packs, as those don't count). As an extra, equip something
like the Neutron Stream Projector that can disable armor. As for general
ship specs, make sure that your ship is both fast and tough. Once you engage
in combat with your sleek new ship, disable your missiles and get close
to an enemy ship, until you are within 2 spaces. Now, fire your weapons
at the enemy group, then select the "Wait" option. Provided you survive
any retaliation, you'll get another turn. You should still have access
to any extra weapons, which you can use again. Then wait, then fire your
extra weapon, then wait, then fire the extra weapon, and so forth.
Repeating the process prevents the enemy from being able to fire,
and you can keep the chain going until you finally win.
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