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MDK2 is a 2000 third-person shooter, action-adventure video game developed by BioWare and published by Interplay Entertainment for the Dreamcast, Windows and PlayStation 2. It is a sequel to the 1997 game MDK. First released for the Dreamcast in March 2000, it was later released for Windows in May, with newly selectable difficulty levels and the ability to manually save. In March 2001, a slightly reworked version, featuring level design modifications and gameplay tweaks, was released for the PlayStation 2 as MDK 2: Armageddon. The PC version was released on in September 2008, and on Steam in September 2009. A port of the PlayStation 2 version was released for Wii via WiiWare in 2011. Also in 2011, a HD remastered version was released for Windows. Called MDK2 HD, this version features new 3D models, textures, improved lighting, and remastered music, and was released on Beamdog in October, and on Steam in July 2012.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
God Mode:
In-game you can press '~' and enter the following string
after the 'Omen' prompt to get full invulnerability:


Looks like the programming language? Yeah - this is trick
for the internal game scripting system. But please note
that this code must be re-entered periodically because the
game doesn't store previous mode while map block change
(block changing can be determined if your HDD reads something
heavy and the game slowdowns for a while, or just see what you
now is not invlunerable and your health value is decreasing).
Hopefully you do not have to re-enter this long code - you can
just bring console ('~' key) and then press Up-arrow key to
get previous command form history.

Other codes (entered the same way):

Code Result
mdkNewGame(1,12) - Jump to Level 1
mdkNewGame(2,12) - Jump to Level 2
mdkNewGame(3,12) - Jump to Level 3
mdkNewGame(4,12) - Jump to Level 4
mdkNewGame(5,11) - Jump to Level 5
mdkNewGame(6,8) - Jump to Level 6
mdkNewGame(7,11) - Jump to Level 7
mdkNewGame(8,8) - Jump to Level 8
mdkNewGame(9,13) - Jump to Level 9
mdkNewGame(10,7) - Jump to Level 10 (Final)
mdkNewGame(11,1) - Jump to Level 10 #1 (Special)
mdkNewGame(12,1) - Jump to Level 10 #2 (Special)
GodDebugToggle() - God Mode on/off

Toggle slow motion:
Begin game play as Max, then hold [Fire] and
press [Equip Up] four times. A message will
confirm correct code entry.
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Dreamcast, Windows, PlayStation 2, Wii
Game Developer:
Game Genre:
Third-person shooter, action-adventure
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Game Publisher:
Interplay Entertainment
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