Messiah Cheats, Easter Eggs

Messiah is an action-adventure video game developed by Shiny Entertainment and published by Interplay. The game was promoted for its tessellation technology, which was claimed to drastically increase or reduce the number of polygons based on the speed of the system running the game. Messiah received a mixed response from reviewers.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
In the game, press Escape, then type (not too fast
or too slow and no pausing):

Code Result
ucantkillme - Activate God Mode (Only for Bob, not the Host)
fleshnblood - Deactivate God Mode
braindead - AI Off
einstein - AI On
icantsee - AI Vision Off
icanseeu - AI Vision On
freezecam - Freezes Camera
thawcam - Thaws Camera
toohardforme - End Current Game
charwireon - Character Wireframe On
charwireoff - Character Wire Off
worldwireon - World Wireframe On
worldwireoff - World Wireframe Off
onpolycount - Polycount On
offpolycount - Polycount Off
gamespot - Spawn Weapon Ammo
voodooextreme - Spawn Bazooka
softwarebuys - Spawn Grenades
weldme - Spawn Welding Torch
buzzbuzz - Spawn Buzzsaw
boomstick - Spawn Pumpgun
rapidfire - Spawn Machinegun
slicendice - Spawn Maimer
lightmeup - Spawn Flamethrower
cooloff - Spawn Pak Gun
bigbang - Spawn Bazooka
coolfx - Spawn Maser
stickaround - Spawn Harpoon Gun
illbeback - Spawn Weapon Ammo
getsome - Spawn Grenades
lcop - Spawn Light Cop
mcop - Spawn Medium Cop
hcop - Spawn Heavy Cop
rcop - Spawn Riot Cop
guncmndr - Spawn Gun Commander
incharge - Spawn Domina
mynightmare - Spawn Armored Behemoth
cantseemyface - Spawn Welder
workinman - Spawn Worker
egghead - Spawn Scientist
glowstick - Spawn Radiation Worker
heydoc - Spawn Medic
smellyguy - Spawn Chot 1
nohygiene - Spawn Chot 2
idontdance - Spawn Chot 3
scumbucket - Spawn Chot 4
chotling - Spawn Chot Dwarf
smellysteroids - Spawn Chot Behemoth
fungirl - Spawn Fungirl
workit - Spawn Prost 1
mansdream - Spawn Prost 2
specialguy - Spawn Hung
averagejoe - Spawn Male Dweller 1
averagejack - Spawn Male Dweller 2
averagejohn - Spawn Male Dweller 3
janeplain - Spawn Female Dweller 1
jillplain - Spawn Female Dweller 2
femfatale - Spawn Subgirl 1
nastyone - Spawn Subgirl 2
varmint - Spawn Rat
bestfriend - Spawn Barman
bringmeadrink - Spawn Waitress
bustamove - Spawn Dancer 1
cutarug - Spawn Dancer 2
mixalot - Spawn DJ
tophat - Spawn Pimp Daddy
onsteroids - Spawn Behemoth
addedfirepower - Spawn Offensive Bot
keepmecompany - Spawn Companion Bot
letmein - Spawn Bouncer
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Messiah free online.

Game description

Microsoft Windows
Game Developer:
Shiny Entertainment
Game Genre:
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
Interplay Entertainment