Monster Truck Madness 2

Monster Truck Madness 2[a] is a monster truck racing video game developed by Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft for the PC (Windows 95/NT) in 1998.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Monster Wheelie:
For the Monster Wheelie go to driver check-in and change
from Rookie or Intermediate to Professional. Then in the
garage change your settings to soft suspension and shallow
tire cut. While racin' go over a jump that gives you a few
seconds in the air. When you're in the air hold the brake/reverse
key until you land. When you land your front end should stay in
the air as long as your holding the key. Good Wheelin'

Bonus track:
Reach the fourth checkpoint on the Sidewinder
Canyon track. Pass the bridge and quickly turn
right when passing through the barricades on
the right side. Drive along the dirt road and
stop after the first bridge. Turn right to reach
another bridge and drive until it ends.
A checkpoint labeled "Pit" will appear.
Enter that checkpoint to enable the bonus track.

Underwater Hockey Rink
In Breakneck Ridge you should see a pool of water with
two arches standing above the water. If you go under
water, you will see a hockey puck. Those two arches you
saw above the water are nets.

Hockey game:
Set the weather to "Snow" and begin game play on
the Breakneck Ridge track. A puck will appear in
the icy area of the track.

Giant tire:
Drive on Breakneck Ridge track with clear weather.
Dive into one of the lakes and ponds and set your
view to see underwater. A giant tire should be
sunk on the bottom.

Drive-in theater:
Drive on the Scrapyard Run track and drive until
reaching a set of railroad tracks. Turn left at
the tracks and follow them until the drive-in
movie theater appears on the right.

Secret Level
Go to the subdirectory \system in your game
directory and double click the file
Now change the value behind showHiddenTrack
to 666 and a secret level should be revealed.

Ice Hockey
The "Underwater Hockey" described on Breakneck Ridge can
be played if the weather is set to snow. The puck appears
on top of the ice and the "goals" can be used.

Secret Passage
First set up your truck and then go to the Excavation.
Next when you started the race switch your map on and
then go to the loop right before you jump to the straightaway.
When you are there you will see a temple, go around the temple
until you see the brightest side. when you find it you will
see a opening, go in side of it but before you do go to the
right or the left to get in, you can't go stright.
To get out push "H" to activate the helicopter.

Torture Pit Track
While Racing on Sidewinder Canyon race to the 4th checkpoint.
Go past the bridge and make a quick right going through the
barricades to the right. Follow the dirt path and stop after
the first bridge and make a right onto another bridge.
Follow that bridge to the end and you will see a checkpoint
that will say "pit". Go through the checkpoint and follow
the on-screen instructions and you'll get the track.

- Cowabunga Easter Egg:
First choose the Farm Road Track.
When the game starts, hit P to pause the game.
Choose Options, Game, select "show commentary,"
then go back to the game. After you get past checkpoint
two, go over the train tracks, but instaed of following
the tracks, go straight. You'll see a farm ahead. Drive
through the fence to get to the cows. Hit the cows and
you will see the word Cowabunga! along with commentary.
The farm owner will also berate you for your negligence.

- Do Not Disturb Easter Egg:
Choose the Side-winder Canyon Track. Immediately after
checkpoint one, you'll see barricades on both sides of
the road. Run over the barricades on the right and you'll
enter an area of buses and tents. Run over a tent and you'll
hear a voice say "Hey! I'm still in here!"
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Game description

Microsoft Windows Nintendo 64
Game Developer:
Terminal Reality (PC) Edge of Reality (N64)
Game Genre:
Game Mode:
Single-player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
Microsoft (PC)