Mortal Kombat 4 Cheats and Secrets

Mortal Kombat 4 is the fourth main installment in the Mortal Kombat series of fighting games developed by Midway Games. Released to arcades in 1997, Mortal Kombat 4 is the first title from the series, and one of the first made by Midway overall, to use 3D computer graphics. It is also the last game of the series to have an arcade release. Eurocom (who had previously developed the Sega Saturn version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3) later ported it to the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows, and Game Boy Color during 1998. An updated version titled Mortal Kombat Gold was released exclusively for the Dreamcast the following year.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Easy Win:
If you like to win the arcade mode very simply just
do the follwing get the cheat menu from the practice
mode then turn on everything and go to arcade mode
then select the character of your choice select any
level then win against the first opponent then that
level will be completed.

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Enter "Kombat Theatre" mode, highlight the desired character,
and press [Block].

Fatalities are hard to do. Here's how to make it VERY VERY easy.

1] Go to Practice. Highlight 'Difficulty' (DO NOT press enter or
any thing, just highlight so that the box-cursor is on it.)

2] Press and hold Block + LK for 10 seconds (Using the 1st
player's control). A cheat menu will appear.

3] IMPORTANT: Turn ON Fatality I OR Fatality II OR Level
Fatality, keeping the rest off.
Fatality I is if you want to do the 1st Fatality of any player.
Fatality II is if you want to do the 2nd fatality of any player.
HOWEVER Level Fatality is only possible in the Backround/Theater
of the player with which you are playing. If you turn all three
fatalities on then 'Fatality I' will work. If you turn 'Endings'
on then the game will complete after defeating only one person.

4] Exit the cheat menu and play as you normally would.
5] When 'Finish Him' comes just press Down + HP.
69 Cool, Huh?

Comman fatality for all charaters including
fatality 1 & fatality 2 = UDU+LK+HP

this is ruchit again.
to make fatalities in the end,you have to press so
many complecated keys which is almost impossible to now to make fatalities just press 'down+HP'that's
it & your on...
for that you must have activated cheats from the cheat menu.

All players of Mortal Kombat 4 are now enough able to
kill their opponenet with fatalities..In this game each
player has its' own fatalities that can be activataed
from the cheat menu. But you can use the fatalities of an
individual player through which you are playing.
But this cheat will help you to kill your opponenet
with its' fatality.That means you can use not only your
fatalities but also your opponenets fatalities.
Here you are.....

(1)first of all get the cheat menu from the 'Practis' mode.
(2)Then turn on the 'FATALIES II OFF'->->->'FATALITIES II ON'.
(3)Now come back to the main menu & go for the 'ARCADE' mode.
(4)Then bring the indicator(that red square) on "Quan Chi"
(5)Now be these keys in the given order...


(6)Then press 'RUN' to select the charactor.
(7)Now select the third stage & start the game.
(8)and at the end apply the fatalities when the game
says "FINISH HIM".
(9)you will be surprised....

:this cheat can only be applied to 'Quan Chi'.
:after apllying the cheat you will not be able to run
the fatalities of 'Quan Chi'
:Please call me on the above phone no. or mail me at above
address to give the rerviews.
:Don't hesitate to send any suitable changes.all the
request will be given importance and as well as be respeced also...

To get cheat menu:
Go to Practice Mode and on Difficulty press
BLOCK+LOW KICK 10 Seconds.Then a sound will play.
Then press again BLOCK+LOW KICK and the cheat menu
will highlight.In the Cheat Menu will be ENDING,

Enter one of the following codes.
111-111 Random free weapon
555-555 Many free weapons
222-222 Start with random weapon
100-100 Disable throws
010-010 Disable maximum damage
110-110 Disable throws and max damage
444-444 Start with weapons drawn
666-666 Turn off music
050-050 Exploding looser
123-123 One hit win
060-060 No rain on Wind World
020-020 Red rain on Wind World
002-002 Players don't drop weapons
012-012 Noob Saibot Mode - must beat the game with Reiko first
001-001 Unlimited Run
321-321 Big head mode

Stage Select
011-011 Goro's Lair
022-022 The Well
033-033 Elder Gods
044-044 The Tomb
055-055 Wind World
066-066 Reptile's Lair
101-101 Shaolin Temple
202-202 Living Forest
303-303 The Prison
313-313 Ice Pit

Alternate costumes:
Press Start and any action button to rotate the select screen
pictures two times to enable each character's second costume,
except for Sonya and Tanya. The select screen pictures must be
rotated three times for those characters.

Fight as Goro:
Successfully complete the game with Shinnok. Enter the character
selection screen, choose the HIDDEN icon using RUN, and keep
holding it, then press UP, UP, UP , LEFT to highlight Shinnok's
icon, and press BLOCK while still holding RUN.

Fight as Noob Saibot:
Successfully complete the game with Reiko. Enter the 012 012 Kombat
code in versus mode. Exit this match and enter the character
selection screen, choose the HIDDEN icon using RUN, and keep holding
it, then press UP, UP, LEFT to highlight Reiko's icon, and press
BLOCK while still holding RUN.

Noob Saibot fatality:
Press pressed Down, Forward, High Punch when close to your
opponent at the "Finish him!" screen. Noob Saibot will grab
the opponent's arms, then kicks them in the torso.
Their body will fall apart into several pieces and the head
will stay in the air for a short time spinning around before
dropping to the ground.

Single player stage select:
Enter the "Practice" menu and select the stage that appears prior
to the desired stage that you wish to start at. Start a practice
mode match, then immediately quit. Start a single player game to
begin at the desired stage.
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Game description

Arcade, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Game Boy Color
Game Developer:
Midway Games (Arcade) Eurocom (N64, PC, PS1) Digital Eclipse (GBC)
Game Genre:
Game Series:
Mortal Kombat
Game Mode:
Single-player, multiplayerCabinetStandardArcade systemMidway Zeus hardware Main CPU: TMS32031 (@ 50 MHz) Sound CPU: ADSP2104 (@ 16 MHz) Sound Chips: (2x) DMA-driven (@ 16 MHz)
Game Publisher:
Midway Games (NA) GT Interactive Software (N64, PS1) (EUR)
On other platforms and consoles: