OurWorld Cheats, Tricks, and secrets on the PC

ourWorld is a virtual world containing a range of online games and activities. It was developed by FlowPlay, and is aimed at the teen and tween demographic.
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Gem mining:
You can actually get as many gems as you want for free, everything you have
to do is gain levels. I like to call this cheat "gem mining", because you
have to work to get the free gems. Its really easy and has few steps.
First, you need to open the friends tab, then you click "invite friends".
Now's the trick, instead of writing a friend's e-mail adress, you can
write your own. And soon you'll recieve an ourworld invitation. Then, on
the e-mail press "go to our world" and it will bring you to the home page,
there you have to click "not a member" and join again. When you reach level
five with your new avatar, you'll recieve five gems for your old one. It is
important that you go to your e-mail with clicking the "go to our world"
because otherwise you won't get gems. And you can make new avatars again
and again and get as many gemms as you want, it's your choice.

Quick flow!:
1. You can spin the Wheel 100 times a day or more to get flow!
2. Play games to get flow and coins
There is a cheat that I found out my friend told me it here it is:

3.Also for gems, you could always make a new avatar with a fake email address,
and then sign in on that avatar, get to lvl 5, and then sign out, and sign
in on your normal account and it will say that so and so has joined Ourworld.
They have reached lvl 5. You get 5 gems. When they have reached lvl 10, you
will get another 5 gems. Also, you could buy Ourworld codes that get you gems.
You can purchase the codes from Target or your local store.
You could do some of the new surveys they have now, and get thousands of gems.

For money, dance for your flow.
When you spin the prize wheel, or use The Bubbler, than you will get money for
spinning the wheel or using The Bubbler.

New gem code:
You must go settings, than it say:Got a cuppon After that you enter there that
gem code: F18A-1B4D-4336-6237,it will give you 10 gems.
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Virtual world
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