Pacific General PC Cheats

Pacific General is a computer wargame depicting famous battles of the World War II Pacific campaigns. It was published by Strategic Simulations in 1997 using the same game engine of the earlier and successful Panzer General for Windows 95. It was re-released on in May 2015.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
It is possible to enable the unit editor, and I have found it to be
fairly stable. Just go to the MS-DOS prompt and switch directories
to your Pacific General directory and type "pacgen /hondarules".
The editor is on the title screen to the left.
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Game description

PC (Windows 95)
Game Developer:
Strategic Simulations
Game Genre:
Turn-based strategy, War
Game Mode:
Single player Multiplayer (online)
Game Publisher:
Strategic SimulationsDesigner(s)SSI Special Projects Group