PeroPero Candy Cheat Codes & Walkthroughs for PC 

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
The way to see all the sexy pictures, i.e. the photoshop,
is to either play the game for long enough to get the long
automatic sex sequence (over 90%) or you can use the
following patch procedure:
1. Save the game, remember which slot you used. You'll have to
play the game at least once to get to the menu with the
load/save option.
2. The saved game data will be in the saved game directory
(default is C:\PCAN) as files "diary0" through "diary3"
3. Subtract one from the slot you used, go edit the corresponding
diary file (e.g. diary0 if you used slot 1).
4. Use a binary file editor (aka hex editor) to change the
contents of locations $640 through $809 (the end of the file)
to $01. It's overkill, but that guarantees you get all the
pictures and endings set.
5. You also need to set $0AC to $01 to turn on the photoshop
6. Save the modified file.
7. Run PCAN.EXE and load that slot, or reload it if you ran the
editor with the game in the background.
8. The photoshop option should appear, and you can click on it to
get a screen with 8 buttons - the one on the right middle
exits. Click any other button to get up to 20 pictures, click
to advance.

In case you care, inside the saved game file the score is 2
bytes at $76, the satisfaction % is at $78, and the number of
times around is at $64.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for PeroPero Candy free online.