Prince Of Persia 2 Cheats on the PC

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame is a platform game released by Broderbund in 1993 as the sequel to 1989's Prince of Persia. Both games were designed by Jordan Mechner, but unlike the original, he did not program the sequel himself.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Cheat Codes
type PRINCE MAKINIT2 to start game in cheat mode,
+ add time
- sub time
K kill all enemy on screen
R return from dead
F1 Show position (press again to disable)
F3 player on/off
F6 ruler
SHIFT T add energy
SHIFT K sub energy
SHIFT R show room number and jump right
SHIFT W show room number and jump left
SHIFT I turn screen upside down, press again to restore
SHIFT B show prince only, press again to restore
ALT N skip to next level
ALT D create DUMP?.TXT
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Prince Of Persia 2 free online.

Game description

MS-DOS Mac OS SNES FM Towns Xbox (bonus)
Game Developer:
Game Genre:
Cinematic platformer
Game Series:
Prince of Persia
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