Riven: The Sequel to Myst Cheat Codes

Riven (marketed as Riven: The Sequel to Myst) is a puzzle adventure video game. It is the sequel to Myst and second in the Myst series of games. Developed by Cyan Worlds, it was initially published by Red Orb Entertainment, a division of Brøderbund. Riven was distributed on five compact discs and released on October 31, 1997, in North America; it was later released on a single DVD-ROM on August 17, 1998, with improved audio and a fourteen-minute "making-of" video. In addition to the PC versions, Riven has been ported to several other platforms.
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Easter Eggs:
At the starting point, walk right to the edge, and look down
at the beach. Turn up the brightness on your monitor and in the
upper left corner you'll notice the faces of two babies.
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Game description

Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Pocket PC, iOS, Android
Game Developer:
Game Genre:
Graphic adventure
Game Series:
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
Red Orb Entertainment Red Orb Entertainment (PC, Mac)