Road Rash Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PC

Road Rash is a motorcycle-racing video game series by Electronic Arts in which the player participates in violent, illegal street races. The series started on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and was released on various other systems over the years. The game's title is based on the slang term for the severe friction burns that can occur in a motorcycle fall where skin comes into contact with the ground at high speed.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Type "xyzzy" during game play to enable cheat mode.
Then, enter one of the following cheats during game play:
YES,OCCIFER - Kill the cop
DRIBE - Kill the cop (again!?)
xyzzy - activate cheatcodes
thwack! - get chain
k'thunk! - get club
spoon! - nitro boost
THWACK! - You get a chain
pioneer - high speed
drip!drip! - Oil
plugh - Disable cheats
klave - this code will get a gun
bribe - Bribe police
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Road Rash free online.

Game description

Game Developer:
Electronic Arts
Game Publisher:
Electronic ArtsFirst releaseRoad Rash September 1991Latest release
On other platforms and consoles:
3DO NGB PS/PS2 Genesis Mega Drive