RollerCoaster Tycoon: Gold Edition Cheat Codes

RollerCoaster Tycoon is a series of simulation video games about building and managing an amusement park. Each game in the series challenges players with open-ended amusement park management and development, and allowing players to construct and customize their own unique roller coasters and other thrill rides.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Clear tall grass:
If you click tall grass with a ground level tool, the grass will change
to its "normal" state. This costs no money and will prevent guests from
complaining about uncut grass.

Changing a guest's name to one of the following will have the effect listed.
Richard Tan - Guest will be theif
Tony Day - Guest will be hungry
John Wardley - Guest will think positively
Chris Sawyer - Guest will have multiple photographs taken
Michael Schumacher - Guest will drive go-carts fast
Katie Brayshaw - Guest will wave
Simon Foster - Guest will paint pictures
Damon Hill - Guest will drive go-carts fast
John Bibrough - Guest will increase park rating
Melanie Warn - Guest will be automatically happy
John Mace - Guest will pay double on rides
Mr.Bean - Guest will drive go-carts slow
Richard Branson - Guest will make other guests have a lot of money
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Game description

Game Developer:
Chris Sawyer Productions (1999–2002) Frontier Developments (2003–2004) n-Space (2012) On5 (2014) Nvizzio Creations (2016–present)
Game Publisher:
Hasbro Interactive (1999–2001)