RPG Tsukuru 2003 Cheats, Guide

RPG Maker, known in Japan as RPG Tsukūru (RPGツクール, sometimes romanized as RPG Tkool), is the name of a series of programs for the development of role-playing video games (RPGs), created by the Japanese group ASCII, succeeded by Enterbrain. The Japanese name, Tsukūru, is a pun mixing the Japanese word tsukuru (作る), which means "make" or "create", with tsūru (ツール), the Japanese transcription of the English word "tool".
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Walk through everything (test mode):
While in test mode, you can pass through any tileset by holding
down the [Ctrl] Key.

Change Variable Values/Switches In Test Play:
While in Test Mode, by hitting the F9 Key, you will be able to
access a debug menu that allows you to change switches from
ON -> OFF or from OFF -> ON. It also allows you to change the
value of any variable. This saves you the trouble of going in
the game, and back out to change the commands.

It is possible to have the same tile as both passable and impassable
in the same tileset. Just set the tile as passable in the database,
then make an event where you want the tile to be impassable, on
''same layer as hero''. Then, the tile will still appear, but you
can't pass it. This is useful if you want to make tihngs like a
forest and want to use the lower layer tree tile.

Scroll through messages quickly:
When you are testing your game, if you want to scroll through many
message events at once, hold the Shift key down. This will make all
the letters in the message appear at once, instead of appearing one
at a time.
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