Saga Frontier Cheats and Secrets on the PC

SaGa Frontier (サガ フロンティア, SaGa Furontia) is a role-playing video game developed by Square for the PlayStation and released in Japan on July 11, 1997. The game was later published by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEA) in North America on March 25, 1998. It is the seventh game in the SaGa series, the first to be released on the PlayStation, and the first to be released under the SaGa brand outside Japan (previous overseas releases had used the Final Fantasy brand instead).
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Item Trick:
In the Scrap Junk shop, buy the items and
then go back to the dinosaur dude. Select
"Sell" and put the cursor on "HyperionBazooka".
Press "O" a few times. You'll find that you have 7 free
items to gouge on! Look for ExcelShields in the upper
right - that's the best thing you'll find here.
The quality of the items will go up if you sell RepairKits.

Building Levels:
Again, after the Gold Trick you should not have to do this
much. The best place for getting new abilities is the Bio
Research Lab in Shrike. Use your worst attacks against the
enemies (you can rest for free nearby). Quicksave after
every battle. Don't wander too far; there's no treasure.
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PlayStation, PlayStation Network
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Square Product Development Division 2
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