Scarface: The World is Yours Cheats

Scarface: The World Is Yours is a 2006 open world action-adventure video game developed by Radical Entertainment for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows published by Vivendi Games. In 2007, a version with enhanced graphics was released for the Wii. An Xbox 360 version was also being developed, but was cancelled.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Enter these codes into the CHEATS screen, which can be found in the
pause menu at any time during gameplay. Mission cheats are unlocked
after playing a mission. (Note: Cannot save the game after activating)

Fill Health: MEDIK
1,000 Balls: FPATCH
Fill Ammo: AMMO
Increase Gang Heat: GOBALLS
Decrease Gang Heat: NOBALLS
Increase Cop Heat: DONUT
Decrease Cop Heat: FLYSTRT
Change Time of Day: MARTHA
Lightning: SHAZAAM
Vehicle Repair: TBURGLR
Black Suit: BLACK
Blue Suit: BLUE
White Suit: WHITE
Grey Suit: GREY
Sandy Shirt: TANSHRT
Tiger Shirt: TIGSHRT
Blue Suit w/shades: BLUESH
White Suit w/shades: WHITESH
Grey Suit w/shades: GREYSH
Sandy Shirt w/shades: TANSH
Tiger Shirt w/shades: TIGERSH
BReal "The World is Yours" music track: TUNEME
Bulldozer: DOZER
Antique Racer: OLDFAST
Dump Truck: DUMPER
Stampede: BUMMER
Bacinari: 666999
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Scarface: The World is Yours free online.

Game description

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Wii
Game Developer:
Radical Entertainment
Game Genre:
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
Vivendi Games
On other platforms and consoles:
PS/PS2 Wii Xbox