Sensible Soccer 2000 Cheats and Secrets

Sensible Soccer, often affectionately known as Sensi, is a football video game series which was highly popular in the early 1990s and which still retains a cult following. Developed by Sensible Software and first released for Amiga and Atari ST computers in 1992 as well as for the PC, it featured a zoomed-out bird's-eye view (most games until then such as Kick Off and Matchday used a closer top-down or side view), editable national, club and custom teams and gameplay utilising a relatively simple and user-friendly control scheme. One of the defining gameplay elements was the aftertouch feature, which enabled effective but unrealistic swerves. The game topped charts such as Amiga Power's "All Time Top 100". The graphic style of the game was used in other Sensible Software games, such as Mega Lo Mania, Cannon Fodder and Sensible Golf.
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Here is some very good forward players from SWOS 2000:
Alan shearer (Newcastle)
Ronaldo (Inter Milan)
Brian Laudrup (Rangers)
Michael Laudrup (Ajax)
Ebbe Sand (Br
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