Shadow Warrior Cheats and Secrets

Shadow Warrior is a series of first-person shooter video games that focuses on the exploits of Lo Wang, a modern ninja warrior who fights through hordes of demons. The original series is made up of one game, Shadow Warrior (1997), and two expansions Twin Dragon (1998), and Wanton Destruction (2005), and a reboot with two entries Shadow Warrior (2013) and Shadow Warrior 2 (2016). The series was originally developed by 3D Realms and published by GT Interactive; later, Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital took over development and publication, respectively.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Full Version Cheats

Press 'T' and then enter the code.
SWCHAN: Toggle God mode
SWGIMME: Gives you all items
SWGREED: Enables every cheat
SWSAVE: Saves the current map on disk as SWSAVE.MAP , Wich you then
can edit with BUILD map editor
SWTREKxy: Warp to level (x=episode, y=level) eg.SWTREK12
SWRES: Change resolution
SWSTART: Restart level
SWGHOST: Toggle clipping mode
SWMAP: Toggle automap
CONFIG: Displays "help config"
SWTRIX: Turn on Bunny Rockets w/ Rocket launcher
WINPACHINKO: Lets you win the pachinko game and get an item
SWNAME: In a multiplayer game, it changes your name.
SOUNDx: Plays Sound file 0-999 (x=Sound File) eg.SOUND 12
SWLOC: Use once, show framerate. Use again, show location in level.
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Game description

Game Developer:
Primary 3D Realms (1997) Flying Wild Hog (2013–) Other Level Infinity (1998) Wylde Productions (1998) Sunstorm Interactive (2005) General Arcade (2012–2013)
Game Publisher:
Primary GT Interactive (1997–2005)
On other platforms and consoles: