Sherwood Dungeon Cheat Codes, on the PC

Maid Marian Entertainment (sometimes shortened to MME) is a gaming site/company produced by Gene Endrody and other respective parties. It was the original home of Sherwood, which later evolved into Sherwood Dungeon, with the addition of an in-game dungeon. Other games created by MME include Club Marian, Moonbase, Marian's World (an older version of Club Marian), Tankball, Tankball 2, Ratinator and Colin's Crazy Carrera.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Dark Overlord Unlockables:
good rank - find charlieprince in either chatroom 45 or 1
recomendation - find and destroy a randome clan in chatroom 99
a frost overlord - go to the frost place
a water guard - your station is under the bridge if you get that
a castle guard - the best rank you can get in a war

To teleport type in these codes:
/teleport1 - is sherwood castle
/teleport2 - is haunted palm island
/teleport3 - is frost bite island
/teleport4 - is the water island
/teleport5 - is ancient sherwood
/join1 - takes you to chatroom 1, change the number to anything
less than 100 to go to that chatroom
/level1 - is dungeon level 1. change the number for a completley different
dungeon. Note: You must type in a number equal or less
than your level when acsessing dungeons.

Unlockables, Talk to ladymarian:
/roi - enemy characters
/mama - levels
/papa - walktrough
/kuya - potion
/jerome - items
/ako - dragons
/wanwan - bounce
/ninyo - glitch

Richest ever:
OK so type /LeveL250 into the chat bar and it will take you there pick up
some stuff. Then type /LeveL1 and go to that guy who sells stuff and he will
buy it 4 30k!
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Sherwood Dungeon free online.