Skool Daze: Skool Of '99 Cheats Guide

Skool Daze is a computer game released by Microsphere in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Atari 8 bit and Oric computers. It was written by David Reidy, with graphics designed by Keith Warrington. The game was commercially and critically successful, and praised for its original concept. It has since been regarded as one of the pioneers of the sandbox game genre.
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Extra shields:
There are many "shields" on the wall around the school.
Press J to jump and collect them. Some of them are too
high to reach normally (you cannot hit them with a fist)
catapult on teachers to get them.

There are also bombs in the fireplace room (on the right in
the first floor), where the Caretaker Albert (man who always
say "Bloody kids!" when you hit him with catapult) sometimes
opens the door. You can sneak inside the room and take one
of the bombs by pressing C. Press B to use the bomb.
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Game description

ZX Spectrum Commodore 64 Amstrad CPC Atari 8 bit Oric
Game Developer:
David Reidy, Helen Reidy
Game Mode:
Single player
Game Publisher:
Microsphere (