South Park Rally Cheat Codes, Tricks on the PC

South Park Rally is a kart-style racing video game based on the American adult animated sitcom South Park. The game is developed by Tantalus Interactive and was the last to be published by Acclaim Entertainment (near the end of the third season of the show) for the PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast. The game includes many characters, vehicles, locations, items and other features inspired by or featured on the series.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Successfully complete championship mode without using any
tokens. All tracks, cars, skins, and other cheat options
will be unlocked.

Get Tracks, Cars, Skins & More:
FInish the game in championship mode without using any tokens

Cheat Sheet option:
Win the Rally Days 1 race without collecting any pick-ups.

Play as Bebe:
Lose the Cowdays race without getting any health power-ups.

Play as Big Gay Al:
Win the Pink Lemonade race.

Play as Cartman Cop:
Hit Chicken Lover five times with the salty balls in the
Read A Book Day race.

Play as Damian:
Win the New Year's race and be the only racer to touch
the millennium key.

Play as Death:
Win the Halloween race after only dropping off four
candies at a time.

Play as Grandpa:
Win the Halloween race.

Play as Ike:
Collect the hidden power-up on top of the airplane in the
Memorial Day race.

Play as Jesus:
Win the Christmas race.

Play as Marvin:
Win the Thanksgiving without collecting any turkeys.

Play as Mephisto:
Win the Independence Day race.

Play as Mr. Garrison:
Activate all four checkpoints on the Rally Days 2 race.

Play as Mr. Mackey:
Win the Spring Cleaning race.

Play as Ned:
Collect over twelve turbo pick ups (caffeine, Terrence,
Philip, etc.) in the Independence Day race.

Play as Pip:
Only activate checkpoints one and four on the Rally Days 2 race.

Play as Satan:
Win the New Year's race.

Play as Shelly:
Collect the three hidden pick ups in the Valentine's Day race.
The first two are located at each tower. The third is found
behind the Skater picture in the jungle.

Play as Terrance and Phillip:
Collect the four hidden power-ups in the Christmas race.

Play as Tweak:
Collect five caffeine pick-ups in the Spring Cleaning race.

Play as Visitor:
Collect the hidden power-up above checkpoint one and the
another power-up that is between check point four and the
wood bridge in the Memorial Day race.

Read-a-Book Day race:
The easiest way to win the Read-a-Book Day race is to wait in
front of the drop off area until another racer comes by with
the chickens. They will run into you, causing an exchange to
you and for you to run into the drop off area. Repeat this
until all ten chickens are dropped off.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for South Park Rally free online.

Game description

PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast
Game Developer:
Tantalus Interactive
Game Genre:
Kart racing
Game Mode:
Single player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
Acclaim Entertainment
On other platforms and consoles:
PS/PS2 Dreamcast
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