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Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Sierra On-Line in 1995. It is the sixth and final game in the Space Quest series.
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Easter Eggs:
There's an imperial shuttle from Star Wars in the DeepShip's shuttle
bay (along with the message: "Remember your parking space, Luke!").
The alien from Scott Ripley's "Alien" pops up after Wriggley
(pun intended) helps you restarting the stolen ship's engines.
Laurel and Hardy are disguised as guard nanites near the entrance
to Stellar's brain.
A graffitti in the DeepShip 86's brig reads "Sarek lies!".
Sarek is a character from Star Trek.
E.T. is sitting in Boot Liquor on Polysorbate LX.
Elvis sometimes pops up in 8-Rear.
The Road Runner gets a mention in cyberspace - the unmistakeable
bowl of "free bird seed" is sitting underneath a huge rock.
8-Rear (the DeepShip's lounge) is a spoof on 10-Forward, the
lounge on the USS Enterprise.
The Vulgar nervepinch is a spoof on the Vulcan nervegrip that
Spock so often uses in Star Trek.
Several elements from "Back to the Future" are mentioned on the
Popular Tektronics CD in Nigel and Singent's apartment. Check
under the section "Building a time machine out of a DeLorean".
Dorff mentions a planet called Daventry VIII (not sure about
the number) when you're locked up in the brig. Daventry is the
homeland of the characters in King's Quest.
The Popular Tektronics CD in Nigel & Singent's apartment mentions
an e-mag called "Mired", a spoof on "Wired".
William Gibson and Isaac Asimov have been turned into drink choices
at the Orion's Belt bar.
Elton John appears during Magnum's transformation in the Shuttle
Bay Entrance.
Jurassic Park and Douglas Adams have been turned into wines behind
the counter at Boot Liquor (although the names have been
slightly changed).
When using Dr.Beleauxs' communications system, the name Plodigy
pops up. This is a spoof on Prodigy
(the speed is also quite accurate).
Elvis is a victim of a poster manipulation in Nigel&Singent's apartment.
Talk to something in the alley outside the Orion's Belt
(in the part of the alley you can't go into).
You'll get two messages. One is from Star Trek, the other from 2001.
When talking to the left door in the Ascend-O-Pad at
Delta Burksilon V, you'll hear Cedric the Owl (from King's Quest 5)
say "If you're going in there, Graham, I'm staying out here"
or "If you're staying out here, Graham, I'm going in there."
(depends whether the door is open or closed).

The games at the arcade are parodies of games or jokes. . Here's a list:
"Mixed Up Mother Theresa" - "Mixed up Mother Goose" by Roberta Williams.
"Beat the crap out of Urkel" - Urkel was the star of an old comedy.
He would constantly play accordian and act all stupid and clumsy.
"Disembowling for Dollars" - "Bowling for Bucks" (a US game show)
"MBA Toejam" - "NBA Jam" by Acclaim
"Secret Recipes of the Luftwaffe" - "Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe"
"Stooge Fighter III" - "Street Fighter II"
"More Dull Kombat II" - "Mortal Kombat II"

During the introduction, Admiral Toolman throws Roger's underpants up
into the air, and they turn into the DeepShip 86. This is a take-off
of the intro from Stanley Kubric's "2001: A Space Oddysey", in which
a monkey throws a skeleton bone into the air which turns into a spaceship.
Jebba the Hop is a spoof on the evil snail-guy, Jabba the Hutt,
in the third (sixth) Star Wars movie.
The Bjorn collective is a spoof on the Borg from
Star Trek: The Next Generation. The name came from a Swedish
tennis player, whose name was (is) Bjorn Borg.
Dr. Beleauxs' computer monitor is from Cyberdyne, the hightech company
that invented the Skynet-chips in the Terminator movies.
The opening sequence is kidding around with the movie JUDGE DREDD,
in which Stallone is also stripped, although they didn't go as far
out as in SQ6.
Commander Kielbasa's scratching post, er, command center is capable
of getting him to level six of "Super Nunzio World", a parody of
Nintendo's "Super Mario World". Also, a part of the console is
actually a Gravis GamePad.
The cyberspace receptionist is called Sys Inny - a name which,
when pronounced "correctly", becomes a Windows system file, SYSTEM.INI.
One of the building machines in cyberspace is a spoof on one of
the weapons in DOOM. The yellow machine to the left is called a
BFT-9000 Cyberearth mover - the seventh weapon in DOOM is called
a BFG-9000. Since BFG means "Big Fragging Gun", BFT probably
means "Big Fragging Truck" or something similar.
When talking to the brig replicator, Roger will say:
"Tea. Earl Grey. Hot," in reference to Captain Picard in
Star Trek: The Next Generation
The sequence where Roger is being chased by the gigantic
gallstone in Stellar's digestive systems is a direct steal on the
opening sequence in "Raiders of the Lost Ark".
The sentence "Big Brother is watching you!", which appears on the
scrolling board in the shuttlebay entrance, an often-used sentence
in the book "1984".
R2D2 from Star Wars has been reduced to a GenBlood blender in
Fester's "Implants-N-Stuff".
Ripley's ship from the movie "Alien" is the green ship in the
bottom right corner.
A Star Trek shuttle (with the unmistakeable 1701D insignia) is
located in the middle of the left row.
One of the random exit messages is "Aren't you glad your middle name
isn't Lawrence?". This is a poke at the game designer Josh Mandel.
The reason? Josh's middle name is Lawrence.
The "Abby Normal" brain in Fester's Implants-N-Stuff is from
"Young Frankenstein".
The endodroid is a mixture of the T-1000 Terminator from
"Terminator 2: Judgement Day" and Roy Batty, who was the leader of
the escaped Replicants in the movie "Blade Runner". This becomes
apparent when Roger freezes the endodroid and makes fun of the
"Hasta la vista, baby!" phrase. He says "Frosta la keister, baby!".
The Qodrac Mobile Photo Booth is a spoof on the Kodak
Non-Mobile Photo Booth.
Look at the Sectors command in the cyberspace office.
Gary Owens (the narrator) says "You probably want us to say
something corny, like 'Klingons in sector 2.8, Captain'", in
reference to Star Trek.
Blaine Rohmer is obviously a spoof on the Blade Runners,
from Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" movie
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MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh
Game Developer:
Sierra On-Line
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Space Quest
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Sierra On-LineProducer(s)Oliver Brelsford