SpeedRunners Cheats on PC

SpeedRunners is a multiplayer side-scrolling racing game developed by DoubleDutch Games and published by tinyBuild. Originally a free web browser game titled SpeedRunner and later an Xbox 360 game by the name SpeedRunner HD on Xbox Live Arcade, SpeedRunners was released on Steam on 26 August 2013 into Steam Early Access, and as a full game on 19 April 2016. SpeedRunners was released on Xbox One in June 2017 as a Games with Gold title. A Nintendo Switch version was released on 23 January 2020. It was recognized as an eSport by the Electronic Sports League in July 2015. However, due to decreasing activity the SpeedRunners section was ended on 28 August 2016 when the final community cup was held.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Play as Goat from Goat Simulator:
When you are selecting your character type '/goat' (without the quotes)
into the chat window to play as the goat from Goat Simulator.
Only one player can play as the goat.

Become a Gang Beast:
You can become a gang beast my typing /gangbeast in the superchat.
You can choose up to 4 colors: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.

Become a potato???:
To be a potato type /sallad in chat.

Become Octodad:
To be Octodad type /octodad in chat.

Become the QWOP:
To be the guy from QWOP type /qwop in chat.

Payday characters:
To be Dallas type /dallas in chat To be Hoxton type /hoxton in chat To
be Wolf type /wolf in chat To be a Cloaker type /cloaker in chat.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for SpeedRunners free online.

Game description

Microsoft Windows Nintendo Switch OS X Linux Xbox One PlayStation 4 iOS
Game Developer:
DoubleDutch Games
Game Genre:
Game Mode:
Single-player, multiplayer
Game Publisher: