SPORE: Creature Creator Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PC

The Spore Creature Creator is a software that allows players to create their own creatures with a standalone version of the Creature Editor from Spore; the software was one of the first aspects of the game to receive focused development, and underwent ten rewrites since the start of development. It was rated E by the ESRB in early March 2008, indicating that the editor would be released separately well before the game's release as a utility program. Electronic Arts told MTV Asia that "EA Screen will provide visitors a chance to interact with EA's game producers hailing from the studios, and unveil the hugely anticipated SPORE Creature Creator demo version to gamers for the first time in Asia." Electronic Arts VP Mark Buechner stated on the Spore Facebook page that the editor would be released in June or July 2008, saying, "We are looking at releasing it two to three months before the launch of the full game."[citation needed]
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[C] to open the console screen.
Type code into the console, then hit enter.
addDNA - +150 DNA points
help - List console commands
-full - Extended help for commands help
Killallhints - Removes all hints
moreMoney - +1 million money in Civilization or Space
refillMotives - Replenish depleted health and other motives

View developers:
Press [Left] or [Right] at the Galaxy menu to spin the galaxy.
After a few seconds pictures of the game's developer will spin
out of the galaxy.

Faces of developers easter egg:
At the main menu screen, try to spin the galaxy.
If you do this correctly the faces of some of the
spore development team show up.
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Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
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Character editor
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Electronic Arts
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