Star Soccer 2 Cheats

New Star Soccer, also known as NSS, is a series of football video games published by New Star Games, which lets the player create and control a new football (soccer)|football]] player as he moves through the ranks of the leagues and national teams. The game may be best known for its mobile version, which won a BAFTA in 2013 for Best Sports/Toughness Game.
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Easy money:
Start a new game. Then, play until you are able to buy a Modern Art
Painting or Antique Furniture. Save the game, then buy any of those
two items and start a new game. Name your player, set his skills,
then save the game. Be careful not to be in the team where your other
player is. Load the other game. Go to "Spend", "Send Items, and select
one of the above two items. Then, make a note of your player's name
and e-mail. Select "Send Item". An e-mail will appear, and it will
have a code in it. Make a note of that code and go back to your game.
Do not save this game, and load the other game. Go to "Spend", "Receive
Items" and make a note of your e-mail address and the code that was on
that e-mail. Then, select "Receive Item" and you will get the Modern
Art Painting or an Antique Furniture. Sell that item and you will have
have 25,000 or 50,000 in one game and 50,000 100,000 in the other.
Note: This trick can also be used with other more expensive items.
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