Star Trek: Starship Creator Cheats Guide

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Extra Buying Credits:
First you need to create a ship using as many credits
that you can, the more you use the easier this trick
will be. After your ship is built use the "Export Ship"
function under the Fleet Heading. Once you have done
this, go to the Main screen and enter a new "Admiral"
name. Then use this new name and go to the fleet screen
once again. Once there, use the "Import Ship" function
to import the ship you created. Once it is in this new
fleet, decommission it and the value of the ship will be
credited to your buying funds.
Keep Importing and decommissioning the ship that you
created and your buying funds can go through the roof.
I stopped at 1 Million credits.

Better Parts:
If you play under the difficulty level of "advanced", you
will have a wider selection of parts for each vessel you
decide to use. For instance, the Defiant class ship's original
defense mechanisms only included a navigational deflector and
shields. With an advanced playing level, you are also granted
the use of ablative armor and a cloaking device. Also, when
you pick your class of ship, the hull mainframes will be empty.
This gives you room for modifications.

Big Bucks in Seconds:
Go to any of the difficulty levels,and then go to the "Fleet"
screen, and select a fully loaded ship(must have 2 torpedo
launchers and all types of probes, best to use a Galaxy,
Intrepid or Excelsior class ship). Go to the select mission
window and select the mission "Test Launch a Probe and Collect
Data" Once in the simulator select, from the control bar to the
right of the screen, Accelerate. It will take around 10-15 seconds
to complete the mission
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Star Trek: Starship Creator free online.

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