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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a role-playing video game set in the Star Wars universe. Developed by BioWare and published by LucasArts, the game was released for the Xbox on July 19, 2003, and for Microsoft Windows on November 19, 2003. The game was later ported to Mac OS X, iOS, and Android by Aspyr, and it is playable on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One via their respective backward compatibility features.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
note: This requires you to edit a file.
Be careful, always make a copy of the original before attempting this!

Find the swkotor.ini file in your game directory and open it using a
text editor like Notepad. Under [Game Options] add EnableCheats=1.
Now save the file.

Start the game, then during play press [~]
to bring down console and enter the following cheats:
invulnerability - God mode
heal - Heal selected member
turbo - Press W or S to move faster
adddarkside [number] - Gain dark side points
addlightside [number] - Gain light side points
addlevel [number] - Gain level
addexp [number] - Gain experience points
givecredits [number] - More credits
setconstitution [number] - Set consitution
setdexterity [number] - Set dexterity
setcharisma [number] - Set charisma
setintelligence [number] - Set intilligence
setstrength [number] - Set strength
setwisdom [number] - Set wisdom
setcomputeruse [number] - Set computer use
setdemolitions [number] - Set demolitions
setstealth [number] - Set stealth
setawareness [number] - Set awareness
setpersuade [number] - Set persuade
setrepair [number] - Set repair
setsecurity [number] - Set security
giveitem [number] - gives item(see below for item names)
dancedancemalak - Turn Malak into a dancing Twi'lek in the last fight
warp - Travel to indicated map
infiniteuses - One use items never expire
whereami - List player's position on current map
in Cartesian coordinates
givecredits - Get indicated number of credits
giveitem - Spawn indicated item
givemed - Spawn medpacks
giverepair - Spawn repair packs
givecomspikes - Spawn computer spikes
give sith armor - Spawn Sith Armor
revealmap - Full map

[number] = 10 - 999
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic free online.

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