Stick Cricket Cheat Codes, and Secrets

Stick Sports is a mobile games developer and an Adobe Flash sports gaming website. Their first game, Stick Cricket, was developed originally by Cann Creative, a company from Sydney, Australia. Cann Creative later partnered with Advergamer, a company from London, England to further develop Stick Cricket into an internet phenomenon. The principles of these two companies formed Stick Sports in July 2006 to expand their stable of free online sports games. Stick Sports games run from any web browser which has the Adobe Flash player plug-in and Internet access.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Hidden teams:
Click on the commentator's nose (the person on screen after every
over) to unlock more teams.

Next level:
If you want to register, you can but you do not have to. Type MICKEY
into the "World Domination" box. You will then be on the next level.

Old player mode:
If you get out for zero on the first ball, click on the duck. By doing
this you will go into a mode with all old players.

World Domination passwords:
Level Password
1 (vs. England) - MICKEY
2 (vs. Opponent 2) - MCBEAR
3 (vs. Opponent 3) - ROCKET
4 (vs. Opponent 4) - BGARK
5 (vs. Opponent 5) - MONKEY
6 (vs. Australia) - TUGGA
7 (vs. South africa) - BEEFY
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