Street Fighter x Mega Man Cheat Codes & Walkthroughs for PC 

Street Fighter X Mega Man[a] is a crossover platform game created by Singaporean fan developer Seow Zong Hui. Initially developed as a fan game, Street Fighter X Mega Man later received support from Capcom, who assisted in the production of the game. Street Fighter X Mega Man was released as a free download from Capcom Unity on December 17, 2012. It celebrates the 25th anniversary of both Capcom's Mega Man and Street Fighter franchises. Gameplay mimicks the design of classic Mega Man games with Street Fighter characters substituting as important enemies encountered in the game. The game received mixed to positive reviews by critics, with some common complaints relating to lack of a save feature and other bugs. In response to the complaints, an update was released on January 28, 2013 titled Street Fighter X Mega Man V2, which added a password save feature and other fixes.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Play as Mega Man without his Helmet
To play as Mega Man without his Helmet, hold shoot on Ryu on the stage select
screen and then press Right Right Right Left. If entered correctly,
a sound will play and Mega Man will lose his helmet on the stage select screen.

Hidden Abilities Code
At the title screen. Press and hold the jump and fire buttons for about 5-6
seconds. You'll have the ability to use Hadoken manually without any meter or
defeating Ryu.

Guile's Theme
Pause the game in any level, then hold Jump (default L) and press U D D D
(default keys W S S S) to have Guile's Theme replace the background music
until you put the code in again.

More E Tanks
If you need more E tanks to beat the game. Just let the timer after you
die hit 0, go back into the game and you will have all the tanks you
previously collected and you can recollect the E tanks from the levels
all over again. I got 10 E tanks at one point.

How to get an easy perfect
Just before killing your stage boss, use your E-tank to refill your
health back to maximum. Doing this will trick the game into thinking
you've earned a perfect in the round. Once you kill your boss when your
health is full, you will earn a Perfect.
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Game description

Microsoft Windows
Game Developer:
Seow Zong Hui
Game Genre:
Action, platformer
Game Series:
Mega Man Street Fighter
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
CapcomProgrammer(s)Seow Zong Hui