System Shock 1 Cheats, Tricks

System Shock is a 1994 first-person action-adventure video game developed by LookingGlass Technologies and published by Origin Systems. It was directed by Doug Church with Warren Spector serving as producer. The game is set aboard a space station in a cyberpunk vision of the year 2072. Assuming the role of a nameless hacker, the player attempts to hinder the plans of a malevolent artificial intelligence called SHODAN.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
When picking up the first aid kit, make sure you have your hands
full. Then double click on the kit, your health and energy will
be restored, and the kit will stay on the floor for future use!
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Game description

MS-DOS Mac OS PC-98 Microsoft Windows
Game Developer:
LookingGlass Technologies
Game Genre:
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
Origin Systems