The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cheat Codes

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an open world action-adventure video game based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, and is the sequel to 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man. It was developed by Beenox and published by Activision. It is loosely based on the 2014 film of the same name.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Infinite XP:
Load the "Raid On Oscorp" mission. Proceed through the mission until you
leave the air vents, and a cutscene will begin, which can be skipped.
Stealth kill four enemies, and then disposed of the final enemy as desired.
After defeating the last enemy, pause the game. Select the "Restart" option,
then choose "Yes" to restart from the last checkpoint, which is where you
leave the air vents. Repeat this process until you reach the desired suit
level. Note: The max suit level is 8.
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Android iOS Microsoft Windows Nintendo 3DS PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Wii U Xbox 360 Xbox One
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Beenox Gameloft (AND/IOS) High Voltage Software (3DS)
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