The Gladiators of Rome Cheat Codes, Tricks on the PC

The Gladiators of Rome is an action strategy game.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Enter one of the following codes during game play:
God mode for selected unit(s) - VasyMusclor
Selected unit(s) ignored by enemies - JeSuisLaMort
Selected unit(s) become allies - OnEstPoto
Summon Flamer - BruleEnEnfer
Selected unit(s) healed - QuoiDeNeufDoc
Defense +2 - CoteDeMailles
Lightning Bolt Attack for main gladiator - BoumBoum
Turbo mode - GuyLeclair
500 joker points - PleinLesFouilles

You must have the registered version for this to work.
Set your cheat key by going to the menu (*) and setting
up your key controls. Then hold the cheat key (CK) and
press these buttons for:

CK + F = Gain Flight
CK + H = Gain HP
CK + M = Gain MP
CK + S = Speed increase
CK + T = Transform into another character
CK + V = Gain invisibility
CK + {or} = Raise or lower level
CK + F12 = Kill all living enemies on the scenario
CK + Switch key (set in keyboard controls)
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for The Gladiators of Rome free online.

Game description

Game Developer:
Cat Daddy Games
Game Genre:
Game Mode:
Single player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
Activision Value