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The Sims Medieval is a life simulation video game that was released in March 22, 2011, by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and iOS, part of The Sims series. It was available for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, on March 25, 2013. Set in medieval times, it allows the player to build a kingdom through quest-driven gameplay. During presentation at E3 2010, EA announced that the Limited Edition was available until the launch date, and was also released at the same time as the standard edition.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[C] to bring up the command prompt anytime
during gameplay or furnish mode with few exceptions.
motherlode - Add $50,000.
RerollQuests - Randomize Available Quests.
setmood 200 - Full Mood.
kaching - 1,000 Simoles.
setQP [number] - Set quest points.
setKP [number] - Set resources.

Change the color of lights:
During furnish mode press "Ctrl+Shift" and scroll over a light.
The mouse icon should change to an asterisk-like icon. Click on
the light to bring up detailed light options "Turn off light",
"Set Intensity", "Change color".

Partial Floor Pattern:
During Furnish mode select the desired floor pattern from the
available floor patterns Press and hold "Shift" while hovering
over the active floor Left-click the mouse to place the partial
floor pattern This allows the user to place floor patterns in
partial sections rather than whole grid squares.
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Game description

Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Windows Phone
Game Developer:
Maxis Redwood Shores Magic Pockets (iOS)
Game Genre:
Action-adventure, life simulation, God game
Game Series:
The Sims
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
Electronic Arts