Time Slaughter Cheats, Guide

Whack & Slaughter is a set of fantasy skirmishing game rules allowing you to play with all kinds of fantasy as well as pirate themed miniatures. It is meant to be played with as few as one miniature per player and thus with more players. Most scenarios are meant to be played with up to 8 players forming 2 teams à 4 players (and thus 4 miniatures per team). Additionally to a miniature (referred to as Hero), a player needs a set of 5 dice as well as a "Hero Card" as a reference for the Hero's abilities.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Start the game with the ts midgetpower command line, then enter one
of the codes below while in game play to activate the
following cheat function.

Toggle clipping mode - Ctrl + A
Toggle death mode - Ctrl + E
Toggle heads - Ctrl + L
Toggle mid-air moves - Ctrl + Q
Toggle screen spins - Ctrl + U
Toggle status bars - Ctrl + I
Toggle strobe effect - Ctrl + O
Toggle suction - Ctrl + X
Toggle super moves - Ctrl + S
Toggle teleports - Ctrl + H
Toggle tilt screen - Ctrl + Z
Toggle timer - Ctrl + T
Toggle zooms - Ctrl + W
Toggles background graphics - Ctrl + D
Toggles combo messages - Ctrl + N
Toggles vertical scrolling - Ctrl + V
Turbo player one - Ctrl + Comma
Turbo player two - Ctrl + Semicolon
'shot???.raw' screenshot file - Ctrl + Equals
Display debug info - Ctrl + Y
Enables fatalities - Ctrl + F
Increase blood - Ctrl + B
One hit kills - Ctrl + K
Pauses and resumes game - Ctrl + P
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Time Slaughter free online.