Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation Cheat Codes, and Secrets on the PC

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation is the fourth instalment in the Tomb Raider video game series. It was developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive. It was released on PlayStation, Microsoft Windows and on the Dreamcast with exclusive graphical and sound enhancements. The game was a commercial success, selling 5 million copies worldwide, and was the last Tomb Raider game released on Sony PlayStation's "Greatest Hits".
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
To kill skeletons:
The skeletons are invulnerable from any of Lara's
weapons, but they can be killed. To kill them you
need use a shotgun. When you use this on a skeleton
they will fall backwards. Do this near a big drop and
watch them fall down to their deaths!

Shortcut to beat Van Croft:
The whole of the second level is a simple race against
Van Croft. To beat him here are a few tips:

When you need to swing on the bars do a running jump to
get a headstart When you need to jump over two pits, fall
down the second pit and head for the right hand corner and
there is a shortcut so you can get in front of him!

Level Skip:
Go to the inventory screen and make sure that the compass
is facing north. To get the compass facing exactly north,
hang from a ledge facing north. Otherwise, the cheat won't
really work. While in the inventory screen, go to Load Game,
press and hold H + E + L + P then release those keys and exit
the inventory screen.

All Items:
Go to the inventory screen and make sure that the compass is
facing north. While in the inventory screen, go to small
Medipack, press and hold G + U + N + S then release and exit
the inventory screen

All Weapons, Infinite Ammo, Sml Medipack, Lg Medipack :
Put in the All Items code then go to the inventory screen
and make sure that the compass is facing north. While in
the inventory screen, go to Large Medipack, press and
hold W + E + A + P + O + N + S and exit the inventory

Harder Route to the Iris:
The whole of the second level is a race against Van Croy.
If you are a true tombraider then you will be interested
to know that there is another, alternative route!
To access it you must first collect all 8 of the golden
skulls on the first training level.
This route is much harder though!

Gold Skulls in the Training Level:
- The first skull is at the beginning toward the left.
- The second skull found is in the shallow water below
the very first jump you are instructed to do.
- The third is below the running jump section of training.
- The fourth one found is in the water of your swim training
- The fifth one is found during the outdoor sequence where
the old man is fighting two of the wild boars. It's around
to the right, all the way into a right hand corner.
- The sixth one is on the floor on the right side of the room
where the spikes are near the exit door just before Lara goes
out to learn to crawl through the crawlspace.
- The seventh one is the one in the crawlspace (you called it the
fifth one.)
- The eighth one is on an elevated ledge/walkway that's off to the
right where Lara follows the old man up the ramp just before he
makes the speech about going left or right depending, because going
left is harder.

0000004A savegame number
00000190 small medic
00000192 large medic
00000194 flares
00000198 uzi ammo
0000019A revolver ammo
0000019C shotgun normal ammo
0000019E shotgun wide ammo
000001A0 grenade normal ammo
000001A2 grenade super ammo
000001A4 grenade flash ammo
000001A6 crossbow normal ammo
000001A8 crossbow poison ammo
000001AA crossbow explosive ammo
00000170 binoculars value=9
0000016F lasersight
0000016B shotgun
0000016C crossbow
0000016D grenadegun
0000016E revolver
0000016A uzi
00000169 pistol
for guns type value 09

for other items just type FF FF to get unlimited
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