Tomcat Alley Cheat Codes

Tomcat Alley is an interactive movie FMV video game developed by The Code Monkeys for Sega CD. It was the first Sega CD game to feature extensive full screen, full motion video. It was later released, with higher quality video, for Windows-based PCs. A 32X version was also in development, but never released.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Edit the file 'TOMCAT.INI' with the notepad or another text editor.
Usually, this file is in the WINDOWS directory or in the game
directory. Find 'SAVE'. It's where your game are saved. It's coded
like this...


The 'x' is the number of the save.
'NomSauvegarde' is the name of your savegame.
The 'yyy' must be replace by one of the following number :

Mission 1 : 648
Mission 2 : 649
Mission 3 : 650
Mission 4 : 651
Mission 5 : 652
Mission 6 : 653
Mission 7 : 654

These numbers work fine with the first savegame (Save0=) but
you must substract one for the second savegame (Save1=),
substract two for the third...
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Game description

Sega CD, Windows
Game Developer:
The Code Monkeys (Sega CD) Novotrade (PC)
Game Genre:
Action, FMV game
Game Mode:
Game Publisher: