Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 Cheat Codes, Tricks on the PC

Extreme Warfare is a series of professional wrestling management text simulators created by British programmer Adam Ryland for the PC since 1995. The latest in the series is Total Extreme Wrestling 2020, which was released on May 15, 2020. Extreme Warfare Revenge 4.0 was released in 2002 on computer text simulator.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
TEW 2016 Cheat passwords:
Like any other TEW title, they are found in game under the remote
access in the option area.
evenplayingfield - all companies have $25,000,000 in the bank.
companiesinneed - all companies in debt are given a resuce package.
themorethemerrier - all companies set to "yet to open" become active.
unpredictable - all worker personalities are randomly shuffled.
imagine - all worker personalities are set to very good.
passport - all workers become available in all areas.
iamkindofabigdeal - give user maximum reputation.
empleh - list all available cheats.
vivalarevolution - make all owner and booker positions of all AI
promotions available.
cleanslate - remove all bad habits from all workers.
foggynoggin - reset all relationships.
sophie - set all user talents to maximum.
uwillrespectme - set users image to unlock motivational speeches.
uwillfearme - set users image to unlock psycho sermons.
jobreview - set users owner approval rating to excellent.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 free online.