Traffic Giant Cheats on the PC

Traffic Giant is a video game released in 2001 by Austrian developer JoWooD Productions. It allows players to create a working public transportation system in a city using buses, streetcars, commuter rail, suspended monorail (much like the Schwebebahn Wuppertal), and Maglev trains.[citation needed] The game used 2D isometric graphics for its interface.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Make your vehicles faster cheaper and other good things:
When you want to use this code you first have to go to the
map of Traffic Giant. If you are there you have to go to
missions. There you see a lot of names of places. I will
make an example whit Limington. You have to copy all the
files that have Limington in the name into another map
because if you want to disable the cheat you will need
that. Then you have to open all the programs whit
Limington in it (in the normal map)one by one. On one
you will see all the names off the vehicles and after
that a lot of numbers. You can change that numbers in
whatever you want and look in the game what happens.
If you want to disable the cheat just delete the old
files and put back the files from the other map.

Ghost Train:
If you make a hanging train in the game, and you delete
the track after that, the train will be invisible and
you will only see the number of waiting passengers at
the stations change.
(some trackparts can't be deleted.)

Rename one of your train lines to the following
case-sensitive names.

Effect Name
$100,000 - Gladstone
Level skip - Gearloose
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Game description

Game Developer:
JoWooD Productions
Game Genre:
City-building game, real-time strategy
Game Mode:
Single-player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
JoWooD Productions Macmillan Software