Virtua Cop 1 Cheat Codes, and Secrets

Virtua Cop (バーチャコップ, Bācha Koppu) (known as Virtua Squad for the North American Windows version) is a 1994 lightgun shooter created by Sega AM2 and designed by Yu Suzuki. Its original incarnation was an arcade game on the Sega Model 2 system. It was ported to the Sega Saturn in 1995 and Windows in 1997. The Saturn version included support for both the Virtua Gun and Saturn mouse, as well as a new "Training Mode" which consists of a randomly generated shooting gallery.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
In the middle of the game,
press pause and type "BANG".

play as gold dural
In the character selection menu, press
You should here a confirming sound

play as silver dural
In the character select menu, press

add dural to the records screen
At the start screen, press UP 17 times,
then press ENTER. Go to the options screen,
and you should hear "RING OUT!".

slow motion replaying
At the end of the round, hold
DEL+END+PGDN before the character does
their victory stand

choose victory phrase
Hold either DEL, END or PGDN,
and you can choose

stage select and ring size
At the start screen, press UP 12 times, and
press ENTER. Go to the options menu, and you
should here "K.O.!". Move the cursor to the
exit, and press down once more to make the
cursor disappear.
Press DEL and a second options menu will appear.
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Game description

Arcade, Saturn, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2
Game Developer:
Sega AM2
Game Genre:
Light gun shooter, First-person rail shooter
Game Series:
Virtua Cop
Game Mode:
Single player, multiplayerCabinetUprightArcade systemSega Model 2SoundMultiPCMDisplayRaster, standard resolution horizontal orientation
Game Publisher: