Vivisector: Beast Within Cheat Codes

Vivisector: Beast Within is a Ukrainian made first-person shooter game released in Europe in 2006. Inspired largely by the science fiction horror film Island of Lost Souls and the science fiction novel The Island of Doctor Moreau, which the film was based on, the game is set in 1987 on a covert military installation on Soreo Island, where a riot has broken out by renegade geneticist Dr. Morhead's experimental human-animal hybrid soldiers against the corrupt general that ordered their creation. It is the player's job, initially, to help the General suppress the riot and regain control of the hybrid soldiers, but the player eventually switches sides against the General halfway through the game. The game is most infamous for its "vivisection point" feature, which allows the player to rend an enemy's flesh from their body with each shot (though, due to Germany's strict censor laws, this feature was removed for the human NPCs). This game came out of the cancelled Duke Nukem: Endangered Species Hunter title.[citation needed]
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Start game, then hit ['] key to access the console.
then, enter the next cheat codes:
godmode 1 - Turn ON godmode
godmode 0 - Turn OFF godmode
giveall 1 - Turn ON all weapons with max bullets
giveall 0 - Turn OFF all weapons with max bullets
gui_show_map 1 - Turn ON gui map
gui_show_map 0 - Turn OFF gui map
unlimited_ammo 1 - Turn ON unlimited ammo
unlimited_ammo 0 - Turn OFF unlimited ammo
debug 1 - Turn ON debugmode
debug 0 - Turn OFF debugmode
map drm10 - Jump to level 1
map drm10a - Jump to level 2
map drm11 - Jump to level 3
map drm12 - Jump to level 4
map drm13 - Jump to level 5
map drm14 - Jump to level 6
map drm15 - Jump to level 7
map drm21 - Jump to level 8
map drm21a - Jump to level 9
map drm22 - Jump to level 10
map drm24 - Jump to level 11
map drm25 - Jump to level 12
map drm26 - Jump to level 13
map drm31 - Jump to level 14
map drm31a - Jump to level 15
map drm32 - Jump to level 16
map drm33 - Jump to level 17
map drm34 - Jump to level 18
map drm36 - Jump to level 19
map drm37 - Jump to level 20
map drm41 - Jump to level 21
map drm43 - Jump to level 22
map drm44 - Jump to level 23
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Vivisector: Beast Within free online.

Game description

Microsoft Windows
Game Developer:
Action Forms
Game Genre:
First-person shooter, survival horror
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
1C Company