Warlords 3: Darklords Rising Cheat Codes, Tricks on the PC

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
During gameplay, press F8, then enter
any of the following codes:

just for grant All Units and Production Turn Into Tanks
hiho hiho Production Time of Every Unit in All Cities Set to 1
purple heart All Units Get Medal
king of the castle Upgrade Cities to Citadels +3
dragon rush All Units Turn Into Dragons
run spot run 99 Movement for All Units
there can be only one 1000 Experience for Selected Hero
but now i can see Full Map
on a clear day Remove Fog of War
not easy being green Water Turns Green
if i were a rich man 10,000 Money
show me the mana 20 Mana
burn baby burn Burn Down All Sites
i am lazy Conquer All Cities
call me conan Hero Stats Set to S:9 H:4 L:5 M:50
name that tune New Background Music
lord of the mana Cities Not Getting Mana Get 1 Per Turn
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Warlords 3: Darklords Rising free online.

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