Well Of Souls Cheats and Secrets on the PC

Midnight at the Well of Souls Role-Playing System is a role-playing game published by TAG Industries in 1985.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Enter one of the following codes at the chat dialogue in camp or
battle to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Note: Enabling some codes will mark you as a cheater, and you
cannot give anything or attack anyone until you get attacked
by them in camp or battle.

/give g[0-1000000] - Get indicated amount of gold
/give s[number] - Get indicated spell
/give t[number] - Get indicated token
/give i[number] - Get indicated item
/take g[0-1000000] - Remove indicated amount of gold
/take s[number] - Remove indicated spell
/take t[number] - Remove indicated token
/take i[number] - Remove indicated item
/scene [number] - Jump to indicated scene
/gimme - One of each item
/inn - Restore HP and MP
/monster - Show monster locations on map
/fight [monster number] - Summon enemies
/fight l[number] - Fight enemy at indicated level
/funpak - Display debug information
/reload - Reload quest files
/tune [number] - Set gossip channel number
/bubbles - Toggle chat bubbles
/fps - Display frame rate
/afk [message] - Set away from keyboard message
/shout [message] - Send message to everyone in the world
/w [message] - Send message to whisper
/fx [number] - Enable special effect in scene; 0 disables
/weather [number] - Change weather in scene; 9 is snowstorm
/theme [number] - Set sound theme for background; 0 disables
/sayings - Same effect as "Book Of Sayings" option in Books menu
/diary - Same effect as "Personal Diary" option in Books menu
/colors - Same effect as "Book Of Colors" option in Books menu
/skin - Same effect as "Book Of Skins" option in Books menu
/pi - "Let's Find Pi" mini-game
/wav [filename] - Play .WAV file in "sfx" folder
/pokedex - Same effect as "Pokedex" option in Books menu
/pet - Same effect as "Train Pet" in equip screen
/asteroid - "Big Ol' Space Rocks" mini-game
/villagers - View all filmstrips in "monsters" folder.
/q - Quest editor for "quest.txt" file
/q [filename] - Quest editor for "#include" files
/eavesdrop - Toggle eavesdrop status
/homework - Prime number generator
/seance - Toggle seance mode
/bleep [word] - Add word to personal censor
/unbleep [word] - Remove word from personal censor
/mic - Enable microphone sampling
/nomic - Stop microphone sampling
/speech - Sound oscilloscope
/terrain - Toggle terrain map overlay
/help [word] - Open help file for indicated word
/element - Same effect as "Training" on the spells list.
/phist - Display network history
/preset - Reset network history.
/a [message] - Removes the colon after your name in messages
/easter [year] - Display the date of Easter for indicated year
/www.[URL] - Open indicated web page
/pwd - Display current system path
/password - Set or remove password
/version - Display version number
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Well Of Souls free online.