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Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger is the third main game in Chris Roberts' Wing Commander science fiction space combat simulation video game series, developed and released by Origin Systems in December 1994. It was a departure from previous games in the series in that it uses extensive live action full motion video to add an interactive movie-style presentation to the space combat gameplay, emphasized by its advertising slogan, "Don't watch the game, play the movie!". The game's more than two hours of video featured a number of prominent movie stars including Mark Hamill as Colonel Christopher "Maverick" Blair, Malcolm McDowell as Admiral Tolwyn, John Rhys-Davies as James "Paladin" Taggart and Thrakhath nar Kiranka, and Tom Wilson as Todd "Maniac" Marshall.
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Cheat Codes
way to view any of the movie "cut-scenes" in WC3!. During the opening
credits, hold down shift-delete-F10 and type "L-O-R-D-B-R-I-T-I-S-H"
(yes, caps lock has to be on). You'll then get a menu that lets you
view any of the movie scenes on the 4 CDs.

press Alt-o when in flight, a special menu appear.

Unlimited laser:
Offset 89 87 F8 66 8B DE D1 E3
Change to 90 90 90 90 8B DE D1 E3

Offset 29 87 F8 66 57 56 FF 76 06
Change to 90 90 90 90 57 56 FF 76 06

Easy battles:
Start the game with the wc3 -mitchell command line.
A voice will yell "Mitchell" when Blair is preparing
to launch to confirm correct code entry.
Press [Ctrl] + W during a battle sequence to destroy
the targeted ship. Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + W to
destroy all enemy ships on radar.

View FMV sequences:
Press [Caps Lock], then hold [Shift] + [Delete] + [F10]
and type lordbritish during the opening credits.
A menu will appear that will allow any of the FMV
sequences in the game to displayed. Press [Alt] + O
during flight mode to display the special menu.

Forced crash:
Press [Alt] + Y during a mission.

Display debug information:
Press [Alt] + D during game play.

FMV sequence fast forward:
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + S during a FMV sequence.
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Game description

MS-DOS, Classic Mac OS, 3DO, PlayStation
Game Developer:
Origin Systems
Game Genre:
Space combat simulation
Game Series:
Wing Commander
Game Mode:
Single player
Game Publisher:
Origin Systems Electronic Arts Studios (PlayStation)
On other platforms and consoles: