Wing Commander 4 Cheats and Secrets

Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom is the fourth main game in the Wing Commander science fiction space combat simulator video game series, produced by Origin Systems and released by Electronic Arts for the PC in 1996 and the Sony PlayStation in 1997 (the game was also released on the North American PlayStation Network Store in 2009).
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Start the game with:

wc4 -mitchell - Displays a message while starting: Mitchel is no
longer working here (This was the WC III cheat)
wc4 -mitchell2 - Similar message to the on above
wc4 -test - Says test OK but crashes than with a "file not found"
error. Probably only for development.
And now the one everybody is waiting for:
wc4 -chicken - Startup will say: Chicken mode OK (bok bok)

As for Wing Commander III:
Control-W - Kill target
Control-Alt W - Kill all enemies
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Wing Commander 4 free online.

Game description

MS-DOS, Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation
Game Developer:
Origin Systems
Game Genre:
Space combat sim
Game Series:
Wing Commander
Game Mode:
Single player
Game Publisher:
Electronic Arts
On other platforms and consoles: