You Are Empty , Get Cheats and System Requirements

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
In the game press [~] to open the console, here you can type in the codes:
set_clients_health [number] - Get indicated health
give_weapon_bottle - Spawn bottle
give_weapon_grenade - Spawn grenade
give_weapon_machinegun - Spawn machinegun
give_weapon_mauzer - Spawn Mauzer
give_weapon_maxim - Spawn Maxim
give_weapon_nailgun - Spawn nailgun
give_weapon_obrez - Spawn Obrez
give_weapon_rifle - Spawn rifle
give_weapon_rifle_sniper - Spawn sniper rifle
give_weapon_spanner - Spawn wrench
give_weapon_thunder - Spawn Thunder
give_weapon_thunder_fire - Spawn Thunder Fire
give_ammo_mauzer - Spawn pistol ammo
give_ammo_ppsh - Spawn sub machine ammo
give_ammo_rifle - Spawn rifle ammo
give_ammo_thunder - Spawn flame ammo
give_item_medikit_large - Spawn large medikit
give_item_medikit_small - Spawn small medikit
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for You Are Empty free online.

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