Zeppelin Cheats, Tricks

Zeppelin is a video game developed by German studio Ikarion and published by Microprose for the Amiga and DOS.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Hex cheat:
1) Money =Offs. 452 Hex
2) Sience =Offs. 471 Hex
3) Building time chance =Offs. 465 and 466 Hex
4) Move Location =Offs. 485 and 47B Hex
5) New Type of Airship =Offs. 4A2 Hex
6) Higher the crew =Offs. 4A8 Hex
7) Higher Airship Speed =Offs. 4AA Hex
8) Higher Max Passagers. =Offs. 4AC Hex
9) Higher Max Freight Capacity =Offs. 4AE Hex

1) Place 7F to have
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Game description

Amiga, DOS
Game Developer:
Game Publisher: